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Darrel Bristow-Bovey: I Avoid "Relentless Show-offyness" and Make Honesty My First Priority in Writing

One Midlife Crisis and a SpeedoBruce Dennill recently interviewed Darrel Bristow-Bovey about his new book One Midlife Crisis and a Speedo.

In the interview, Denhill asks about how Bristow-Bovey found writing a book different from writing a column. Denhill says part of the mysterious appeal of a columnist is that the regular column is just a snapshot of a his fascinating life, but a book provides a deep a detailed portrait of a person.

Bristow-Bovey says it’s sad, but probably true, that the more he reveals the less interesting he is. Nevertheless, although he didn’t quite tell all in the book, the quality of forthright sincerity has become more important to him as a writer.

Read the interview:

“I thought: ‘Why would anyone want to read my personal whining unless I’m entertaining them?’. My previous books were humour books, but I don’t want to write that way anymore. Much of that was relentless show-offyness, squeezing as many laughs as possible into a space; playing ‘Sieze The Punchline’. I try, these days, to make honesty a first priority.

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