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Dawie Roodt Weighs in on How Small Businesses Create Wealth and Jobs

Tax, Lies and Red TapeFollowing the Business Opportunities and Franchise Expo, Dawie Roodt commented on entrepreneurship and wealth creation. Roodt is the chief economist for Efficient Group, the author of Tax, Lies and Red Tape, and is known for his iconoclastic view of things.

This article discusses the Business Opportunities and Franchise Expo and what small business owners took away from it. Roodt says that a person does not need a qualification to start a business, and need not follow conventional wisdom about work and employment.

Read the article:

Efficient Group’s Chief Economist Dawie Roodt, however, said it’s easy for people to be trapped in the thinking that they have to obtain a piece of paper to start a business. He says this is old fashioned and used to be the way parents encouraged their kids in the past, saying they should get a good qualification and strive to work for a big company.

Roodt added that entrepreneurship should not be focused purely on creating jobs. “People talk about jobs that entrepreneurs should create. Job creation must never be the objective. Jobs are a consequence of something else. The objective is for people to create wealth.”

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