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“As Sharp with His Tongue as with Bat and Ball”: Luke Alfred Bids Farewell to Clive Rice

When the Lions Came to TownThe Art of LosingLuke Alfred, sports journalist and author of When the Lions Came to Town: The 1974 Rugby Tour to South Africa and The Art of Losing: Why the Proteas Choke at the Cricket World Cup, has written a obituary for Clive Rice, who passed away yesterday.

Rice began his cricketing career at St John’s College in Johannesburg, and went on to attain all the greatness possible in the era of South Africa’s sporting sanctions. He was known, Alfred writes, for being “as sharp with his tongue as with bat and ball”.

Read Alfred tribute to Rice’s cricketing career, published by ESPN:

Clive Rice, the serial belligerent, has passed away from complications arising from acute septicaemia. He was 66.

Rice was not a well man in recent years, having cancerous lesions cut out of his legs and lungs, and later suffering from an invasive brain tumour for which he sought radical laser treatment in Bangalore. In an interview earlier this year, he spoke with fondness about his old mate, Graeme Pollock, who was a fellow traveller when Transvaal’s legendary Mean Machine side was in its pomp in the 1980s. “We’re in the departure lounge,” said Rice of his and Pollock’s failing health.

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Join Chris Schoeman and Albert Grundlingh for the Launch of The Unknown Van Gogh in Cape Town

Invitation to the launch of The Unknown Van Gogh

The Unknown Van GoghDie Onbekende Van GoghZebra Press would like to invite you to the launch of Chris Schoeman’s highly anticipated biography of Cornelis van Gogh, The Unknown Van Gogh.

The book is also available in Afrikaans as Die Onbekende Van Gogh and tells the story of Vincent van Gogh’s brother who spent his life as an “uitlander” in South Africa.

Schoeman will be in conversation with renowned historian Albert Grundlingh on Thursday, 6 August, at SASNEV in Cape Town. The simultaneous launch of the English and Afrikaans versions will start at 6:30 for 7 PM.

Don’t miss it!

Event Details

  • Date: Thursday, 6 August 2015
  • Time: 6:30 for 7 PM
  • Venue: SASNEV
    4 Central Square
    Cape Town
  • Interviewer: Albert Grundlingh
  • RSVP: Lorienne Brown,, 011 327 3550

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South Africa’s Rugby Legends by Chris Schoeman – Every Rugby Fan Will Want this for Themselves

South Africa's Rugby LegendsZebra Press is proud to present South Africa’s Rugby Legends by Chris Schoeman:

South Africa’s Rugby Legends celebrates those players who have become truly immortal in the eyes of their fans – the greatest South African rugby players of the amateur years. This beautifully illustrated book covers the immense achievements of those players who ran out against the mighty All Blacks, the cunning Aussies and the fiery Welsh, among others, and played their way into rugby folklore. These are the best of the best, the players who make you say, “Those were the days!”

From Fairy Heatlie, who played for South Africa against the British in 1891, to the genius Danie Craven in the 1930s, the inspirational Hennie Muller of the 1940s and 50s, and the charismatic Morné du Plessis of the 1980s, the author explores in fascinating detail what made these men the unforgettable names they are today. With historical photographs from the author’s personal collection, some of which have never been published before, this is the book every rugby fan will want for his or her personal collection.

About the author

Chris Schoeman was born in Somerset East and has master’s degrees in history from the universities of Port Elizabeth (NMMU) and Colorado State. He has worked as a historian and journalist, and has authored and co-authored several books. These include District Six: The Spirit of Kanala, Boer Boy: Memoirs of an Anglo-Boer War Youth, Brothers in Arms: Hollanders in the Anglo-Boer War, Angels of Mercy: Foreign Women in the Anglo-Boer War, Churchill’s South Africa, The Historical Karoo, The Somme Chronicles and The Unknown Van Gogh.

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Dawie Roodt, Recovering After Being Attacked in His Home, Suggests an Economist’s Solution to Crime

Tax, Lies and Red TapeDawie Roodt, well-known economist and co-author of Tax, Lies and Red Tape, was attacked by two robbers at his home in Pretoria last Thursday.

Roodt was at home with his wife, Marina, and their twin daughters. Daniellé, Roodt’s older daughter was returning from university, and was confronted outside the gate by armed men who then forced their way into the property.

Donald Lobelo spoke to Erika Botha, Roodt’s personal assistant, for eNCA to ascertain what happened:

“Last night at around 7:30 two men were waiting at Mr Roodt’s gate before his daughter entered the property and grabbed her. Mr Roodt was with his wife and two other daughters in the house. One was armed with a gun and the other with a panga,” said Botha.

Roodt convinced the intruders that he had money in his car in order to draw the robbers away from his wife and daughters. Outside of the house, he tried to tackle them.

Although Roodt succeeded in scaring the robbers off, he was badly injured in the scuffle, and is currently recovering in hospital.

Jenni Evens reported the economist’s reaction to the traumatic event for News24:

“I was bleeding profusely. Man, I cannot believe that a person can bleed so much.”

He eventually collapsed going up the steps and thinks this was from the blood loss.

Trying to make sense of it, he told Beeld that the only thing that could help the country’s problems was stronger, better, economic growth.

Our thoughts are with Roodt and his family at this time.

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Ocean Driven, a Documentary about Chris Bertish, to Feature at the 2015 Honolulu Surf Film Festival

Stoked!The 2015 Honolulu Surf Film Festival will feature the thrilling documentary on the life of South African pro-surfer, Chris Bertish.

The film is entitled Ocean Driven and will screen at the Doris Duke Theatre on Tuesday, 28 July, at 7:30 PM and again on Friday, 31 July, at 1 PM. The general admission is $10 per person, or $8 if you’re a member of the museum.

Bertish’s biography, Stoked, is due to be published by Zebra Press next month and tells the tale of how a skinny little boy from Cape Town became a world-champion surfer, on his own budget and with borrowed equipment.

Watch the trailer for Ocean Driven:

YouTube Preview Image

For more information about the event visit the Honolulu Museum’s website.

Don’t miss it!

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday, 28 July, and Friday, 31 July, 2015
  • Time: 7:30 PM and 1 PM PM
  • Venue: Doris Duke Theatre
    900 S Beretania Street
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    HI 96814
    United States of America | Map
  • General admission: $10 per person


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Forensic Expert David Klatzow to Conduct Tests After Proposed Amendments to Firearms Control Act

Justice DeniedJustice Denied: The Role of Forensic Science in the Miscarriage of Justice author and forensic expert David Klatzow is set to conduct a series of tests after amendments to the Firearms Control Act were proposed.

In an article for The Times, Graeme Hosken writes that Klatzow was asked by the South African Gun Owners’ Association to conduct several tests to determine just how accurately bullets could be linked to a specific gun. He will be comparing several weapons to see if the fundamental assumption underlying ballistics fingerprinting – “that every gun leaves microscopic marks on bullets and cartridge cases that are unique to that weapon” – holds water.

Read the article:

Ballistic “fingerprinting” might not be as foolproof as many once believed – and this could prove a huge headache for prosecutors in criminal trials.

A series of tests are to be conducted by leading South African forensic expert David Klatzow.

The tests – during which thousands of rounds will be fired into a ballistics tank designed to catch bullets and spent cartridges – follow proposed amendments to the Firearms Control Act.

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How Did Record-Holding Pro Surfer Chris Bertish Achieve the Impossible? Find Out in Stoked!

Stoked!Chris Bertish’s biography – Stoked! – will be published by Zebra Press next month:

Stoked! is an inspiring true story about courage, determination and the power of dreams. Chris Bertish was a skinny little kid from Cape Town when he started surfing with his brothers. Fiercely driven and constantly pushing his boundaries, Chris was not content with conquering ‘ordinary’ big waves. He wanted more: bigger waves, bigger swells, more adrenaline. What began as a personal quest to prove to himself that he was one of the best in the ‘big-wave brotherhood’ culminated a decade later with Chris being crowned South Africa’s first Mavericks BigWave Champion. Competitors in the 2010 event were faced with the biggest and heaviest waves ever recorded in the history of the sport and Chris, on his own budget, on the back of a 40-hour plane journey and on borrowed equipment, outsmarted and outperformed the world’s best-paid professional surfers.

How did Chris achieve this feat? “Nothing is impossible, unless you believe it to be” is just one of the philosophies he lives by. Out of his passion for big-wave surfing has grown a profound wisdom and an appreciation of a few simple truths, which he shares in Stoked!. With his infectious enthusiasm, Chris tells how he pulled off death-defying antics time and again, overcame overwhelming obstacles and fears, and parried every blow that fate dealt him, all without ever losing faith or focus on his dreams.

About the author

Chris Bertish is a world-champion big-wave surfer and winner of the 2010 Mavericks Big Wave Invitational. He holds numerous world records, most recently in the field of stand-up paddling(SUP). He is popular in the media and on the public-speaking circuit, and is an ambassador for Miles for Smiles in association with Operation Smile, which helps fund corrective surgery for children born with cleft palates. When he’s not managing his brand business in Cape Town, Chris travels the world inspiring audiences with his story of how he conquered his fears and proved that there is no such thing as impossible; only, I’m possible.

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Join Dean Allen for the Launch of Empire, War and Cricket in South Africa in Graaff-Reinet

Invitation to the launch of Empire, War & Cricket in South Africa

Empire, War & Cricket in South AfricaZebra Press invites you to celebrate the launch of Empire, War & Cricket in South Africa by Dean Allen.

Come and enjoy a five-course meal with the author on Monday, 27 July, at the Drostdy Hotel in Graaff-Reinet. Tickets cost R320 per person and include a wine pairing with each course. The event will kick off at 6 for 6:30 PM.

Empire, War & Cricket in South Africa tells the story of how the Scottish-born founder of Matjiesfontein, James Logan, brought the game of cricket to South Africa.

Don’t miss it!

Event Details

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Victorian Tenderpreneurs – Tom Eaton Discusses Dean Allen’s Empire, War and Cricket in South Africa

The Unauthorised History of South AfricaEmpire, War & Cricket in South AfricaTom Eaton recently wrote a piece for Times LIVE about Dean Allen’s book, Empire, War & Cricket in South Africa.

Eaton says Allen “paints a vivid picture” of the history of sport at the end of the 19th century, specifically cricket, which became a “potent ideological tool” in Britain’s new colonies.

Eaton praises the book’s physical appearance – “an object that demands to be picked up and paged through” – as well as the excellent introduction by Professor Andre Odendaal. Reflecting on the main figure in Empire, War & Cricket in South Africa, Eaton draws the conclusion that James Logan was indeed a rather shrewd tenderpreneur.

Read the article:

Empire, War & Cricket in South Africa by Dean Allen paints a vivid picture of how cricket was injected into South Africa as much for political and propagandistic reasons as for sporting ones; and he explores the life of a man who was crucial to this project. James Logan is called many things in the book – ambitious, hard-working, self-aggrandising – but most modern South Africans would recognise him for what he was: a tenderpreneur.

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John Hanks Finally Breaks His Silence in Operation Lock and the War on Rhino Poaching

Operation Lock and the War on Rhino PoachingRene Vollgraaff recently wrote an article for Pretoria News Weekend (shared by Press Reader) about Operation Lock and the War on Rhino Poaching by John Hanks and the decades-old secrets it reveals.

Vollgraaff writes about the contribution that Hanks and his team made in the fight against rhino poaching. The article gives insight into how Operation Lock worked, and some of the major challenges the team faced.

Read the article:

In 1987, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands funded and planned Operation Lock, a secret initiative staffed by exBritish SAS soldiers to stop rhino poaching in southern Africa. Based in Johannesburg, Operation Lock extended into the neighbouring states. When the project was unmasked, the World Wildlife Fund, headed by Prince Bernhard, denied any knowledge.

Author John Hanks, the project leader, took responsibility and kept his silence for 25 years until publishing a book recently.

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