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Joanne Lefson’s Stray from Ahound the World is Named Top Dog

Ahound the WorldRupee is a former stray who became famous after climbing to the base camp of Mount Everest. He was lauded as one of the top five dogs of 2014 by the International Business Times on National Dog Day.

Rupee’s owner Joanne Lefson wrote about the trek to Everest and a few more of her adventures with her dog in Ahound the World. Lefson undertook an eight month journey with her dog to raise awareness for the plight of stray animals worldwide.

National Dog Day 2014 is being held to celebrate man’s best friend and all the things they do for people across the globe – from being a regular family pet, to a guide dog, to serving on the frontline with armed forces.

Launched in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert and author Colleen Paige, the event has since taken off, with thousands now celebrating Dog Day.

To mark National Dog Day, here are the top five heart-warming (and heart-breaking) news stories from the last 12 months.

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    Wen ’n geskenkpak met al vier boeke in Kobus Galloway se Idees vol vrees-reeks

    Idees Vol Vrees Kompetisie
    Idees vol vreesIdees vol vrees: Volume 2Idees Vol Vrees 3Idees Vol Vrees 4

    Zebra bied aan een gelukkige leser die geleentheid om ’n geskenkpak met al vier tekenboeke in Kobus Galloway se Idees vol vrees-reeks te wen.

    Om in aanmerking te kom vir hierdie opwindende prys, gaan na die Zebra webtuiste, vul jou besonderhede in en antwoord ‘n eenvoudige vraag.

    Die kompetisie sluit 30 September 2014.

    Vraag: Wie is die skrywer van Idees vol vrees?

    A. Kobus Marais
    B. Johan Marais
    C. Kobus Galloway


    The Charm of the Desert Explored in this Excerpt from The Historical Karoo by Chris Schoeman

    The Historical KarooFor many people, the Karoo is just an inconveniently large and unrelentingly hot patch of dust in the middle of South Africa. But it is land filled with history. The Historical Karoo by Chris Schoeman colours in the dry landscape by pointing out the landmarks and places of historical interest.

    The Historical Karoo is organised by the three main routes through the Karoo, with short histories and interesting stories about each town along the way. This excerpt, shared by Namibiana Buchdepot, is about Wagenaarskraal and an introduction to the Karoo.

    Read the excerpt:

    In the Karoo you seem to be going up a winding ascent, like the ramps that lead to an Indian fortress. You are forever pulling up an incline between hills, making for a corner round one of the ranges. You feel that when you get round that corner you will at last see something: you arrive and only see another incline, two more ranges, and another corner, surely this time with something to arrive at beyond. You arrive and arrive, and the more you arrive, and once more you see the same vast nothing you are coming from. Believe it or not, that is the very charm of a desert – the unfenced emptiness, the space, the freedom, the unbroken arch of the sky.

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    Video: Dawie Roodt Says as the Rich Get More Rich, the Poor Get Less Poor

    Tax, Lies and Red TapeDawie Roodt is one of South Africa’s foremost, and most controversial, economists and the author of Tax, Lies and Red Tape. SABC News has shared a video of him talking to Leanne Manas on Morning Live about the rapid growth in the number of millionaires in South Africa over the past ten years, and what this does for the country’s economy.

    In this video, Roodt says the South African economy has been growing over the last few years as it has become more integrated with African and international economies. He says that rich people are good for the economy because they create wealth that works to uplift the country’s poor. The best way to combat poverty and inequality in our country then, he says, is to remove policies that inhibit economic growth.

    Watch the video:

    YouTube Preview Image

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    Judge Kgomo’s Judgement and Announcing a New Edition of The Griekwastad Murders

    The Griekwastad MurdersDie Griekwastad-MoordeJacques Steenkamp, the author of The Griekwastad Murders (also available in Afrikaans: Die Griekwastad-Moorde), has shared an update on the legal proceedings of the case. A new edition of the book, with an epilogue that covers the sentencing, will be released later this year.

    Steenkamp’s blog post includes a link to the Judge Frans Kgomo’s judgement of Don Steenkamp, who turned 18 recently. Before this, being a minor, he could not be named in the media. He was convicted of raping and killing his younger sister and killing his parents, and is currently appealing his sentence.

    I’ve uploaded Judge Frans Kgomo’s judgment with regards to the sentencing on this website. Please do read it. The new edition of my book will hit the shelves soon. This edition will include a new cover and an epilogue, which covers the sentencing.

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    Podcast: Andrew Brown Chats to Nancy Richards About His Political Thriller, Devil’s Harvest

    Devil's HarvestAndrew Brown spoke to SAfm‘s Nancy Richards about his political thriller, Devil’s Harvest.

    Brown’s latest novel spans the globe, from the halls of Bristol University and London’s secretive MI6 building to the dusty streets of Juba and the refugee camps in war-torn South Sudan, and it exposes the dark truths of the international arms trade and the plight of the world’s newest country.

    Listen to the podcast of the discussion in which Brown shares why he felt the need to set the book in South Sudan and what led him to capturing this particular story:

    I was fascinated by that – the idea that civil war in Africa can be solved by redefining your colonial boundaries seemed to me to be a very good idea and I went a few months after the new country was born with an idea of a story around that and what I found was the same kind of euphoria that we had here in 1994: nation building, unity, a real sense of a country coming to its feet.

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    Luke Alfred Presents His Latest Book: When the Lions Came to Town

    When the Lions Came to TownNew from Zebra Press, When the Lions Came to Town: The 1974 Rugby Tour to South Africa by sports writer Luke Alfred:

    The early 1970s in South Africa were a time of economic boom, political repression, growing isolation and an unshakable confidence that the Springboks were the best rugby team in the world – until the infamous 1974 British Lions tour. It was a tour in which a group of talented and long-haired rugby players from the United Kingdom played, sang and drank their way across the country, beating the Springboks 3-0 in the four tests, with the last one a dubious draw. Until then the Lions hadn’t beaten South Africa at home in 78 years.

    South African rugby was in a backward, introspective phase. So uncertain were the Bok selectors of who their best side was that they pulled 33-year-old Hannes Marais out of retirement to lead the team, and they chose 38 players for the four Tests. In contrast, the Lions under captain Willie John McBride and coach Syd Millar had prepared as never before and played inspired rugby.

    The tour sent shockwaves through white South Africa, while it was celebrated by black and coloured people across the country, with thousands lining the streets and waiting at airports for a glimpse of the visitors. This was, after all, a series never captured on local television (which arrived in 1976); in a way it was the last pre-television tour, a golden age of amateurism, pranks and setting hotel rooms alight – as the Lions did after winning the series in PE.

    Featuring interviews with protagonists on both sides, and with referees and journalists, When the Lions Came to Town casts a fresh eye on a divisive but undeniably colourful period in South African political, social and sporting history.

    About the author

    Luke Alfred was a sports journalist for 18 years, and was the sports editor and senior cricket writer at the Sunday Times in Johannesburg. He is now a freelance journalist after working briefly as consultant at Cricket South Africa, and he is the author of three previous cricket books. He is married and has three sons.

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    Brothers in War and Peace Excerpt: Dennis Cruywagen Explores Constand Viljoen’s Decisions Right Before the ’94 Elections

    Brothers in War and PeaceMail & Guardian has shared an edited excerpt from Dennis Cruywagen’s Brothers in War and Peace.

    This book takes a look at the intertwined destiny of twin brothers Abraham and Constand Viljoen, who embarked on starkly different paths in life. One was a deeply religious man, who opposed apartheid; the other was a man of war, who became head of the SADF. But together they would play a crucial role in preventing South Africa from descending into civil war.

    In this excerpt, from the chapter titled “The Ultimatum”, Cruywagen explores former South African military commander and politician Constand’s complex negotiations with the ANC right before the first democratic elections in 1994:

    Uneasy, filled with a growing disquiet and doubtful of the liberation movement’s real intentions, for his own protection and as a guarantee of the ANC’s commitment, he called for a written agreement that would recognise the Afrikaners’ wish for self-determination and sanction the establishment of a volkstaatraad to examine the possibility of establishing an Afrikaner enclave. To bind the ANC, he insisted the accord be signed before the election.

    The agreement was ready by April 12 1994 but the ANC kept postponing the signing ceremony, thereby adding to Viljoen’s stress. Frantic and losing confidence in the liberation movement, he began to think they were playing him for a fool, pushing him closer to April 27, when he would have no other alternative but to accept that the election was happening and that he was not going to get anything from the ANC. His credibility and integrity were on the line.

    He eventually snapped under the mounting pressure and reverted to threats. Angry, he went to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to deliver a message to Pik Botha: Was the National Party government aware of the heavy emotions running through Afrikaner veins?

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    Video: Max du Preez gesels oor die Farlam-kommissie, Cyril Ramaphosa en die Marikana-slagting

    A Rumour of SpringPolitieke ontleder en outeur van A Rumour of Spring Max du Preez het kort voor die tweede herdenking van die Marikana-slagting met Dagbreek TV gesels oor die Farlam-kommissie, Cyril Ramaphosa en die verantwoordbaarheid van hierdie tragiese gebeurtenis.

    “Dit blyk as ons terug kyk asof Lonmin die hele drama kon voorkom het as hulle gesê het, ‘Ja, kom manne, kom ons praat’,” sê Du Preez oor die Lonmin-bestuur. Hy hou vol dat Ramaphosa nie sou kon voorsien dat die polisie die stakers sou doodskiet nie en daarom nie verantwoordbaar gehou kan word vir die verlies van lewe daardie dag nie.

    Kyk na die video:

    YouTube Preview Image


    Dennis Cruywagen to Launch Brothers in War and Peace at the Kelvin Grove Club

    Brothers in War and PeaceDennis Cruywagen will launch his new book, Brothers in War and Peace, at the Kelvin Grove Club in Cape Town on 25 September 2014.

    The launch will take place in the ballroom and the dress code is smart casual. Tickets are R150 for Kelvin Grove members and R160 for non-members. The price of the ticket includes a two-course menu, lunch and dessert, and Cruywagen will speak about his book.

    RSVP now to avoid disappointment!

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