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The Griekwastad Murders: The Crime that Shook South Africa by Jacques Steenkamp In Stores Now

The Griekwastad MurdersDie Griekwastad-MoordeThe Griekwastad Murders: The Crime that Shook South Africa, also available in Afrikaans as Die Griekwastad-Moorde: Die misdaad wat Suid-Afrika geruk het, is now available in stores.

Jacques Steenkamp covered the Griekwastad murder trial after reporting on the story from when it first broke on Good Friday, 6 April 2012. Following the conclusion of the trial Steenkamp has released his book, which is a riveting account of what happened that night and during the subsequent trial.

You can still take advantage of the pre-order offer, which includes 10% off and free delivery of the book, until 30 April.

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Boekgesprek: Max du Preez gaan gesels oor A Rumour of Spring by Protea Boekwinkel Stellenbosch

A Rumour of Spring: South Africa after 20 years of DemocracyProtea Boekwinkel Stellenbosch nooi jou na ‘n gesprek met Max du Preez oor sy jongste boek, A Rumour of Spring: South Africa after 20 years of democracy.

Du Preez sal op Saterdag 26 April om 11:00 in gesprek tree oor hierdie boek waarin hy onder meer kyk na die konsep van demokrasie in Suid-Afrika en die moontlikheid dat die land ‘n mislukte staat is.

Sien jou daar!



Zebra Press Authors at the Franschhoek Literary Festival (16 – 18 May)

The 2014 Franschhoek Literary Festival takes place from 16 to 18 May. Zebra Press authors at the festival to look forward to include Andrew Brown, Richard Calland, Max du Preez, John Hunt, Paul Morris and Darrel Bristow-Bovey.

Back to AngolaSolaceThe Zuma YearsA Rumour of SpringThe Art of the Idea

Friday 16 May

Africa at War
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Council Chamber)
Brent Meersman (Five Lives at Noon) goes into devastating conflicts with Andrew Brown (Devil’s Harvest), Niq Mhlongo (Way Back Home) and Paul Morris (Back to Angola).

Saturday 17 May

Past Tense/Future Imperfect

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Old School Hall)
SA’s favourite sport of verbal sparring over politics has Francis Wilson refereeing exchanges between Richard Calland (The Zuma Years), Lindiwe Mazibuko (the subject of Donwald Pressly’s Owning the Future), and Eusebius McKaiser (Could I Vote DA?).

Wrong Turns?
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Council Chamber)
Alex Boraine (What’s Gone Wrong?) and Max du Preez (A Rumour of Spring) debate from their different points of view whether our country’s glass is half full or half empty.

Writing on the Road
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Screening Room)
Justin Fox, Sihle Khumalo and Paul Morris talk about the travel writing paths they’ve followed, and the skills needed to produce gripping stories.

Iconic Columnists
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Hospice Hall)
We all have favourite columnists. Ben Williams introduces three whose columns have growing readerships of devoted followers: Darrel Bristow-Bovey (In His Own Write), Ndumiso Ngcobo (Sunday Times Lifestyle) and Paige Nick (A Million Miles From Normal).

Can we still trust the cops…?
1 PM – 2 PM (New School Hall)
…asks Antony Altbeker (Fruit of a Poisoned Tree) of three writers with experience of police work: advocate/novelist/ex-police reservist Andrew Brown (Street Blues), Liza Grobler (Crossing the Line: When cops become criminals) and Marianne Thamm (To Catch a Cop).

Politicians Between the Lines
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM (New School Hall)
Richard Calland asks Max du Preez and Marianne Thamm, with the familiar and distinctive voice of Tony Leon chipping in, what it takes for a politician to warrant a biography.

Sunday 18 May

ANCiety attack
10 AM – 11 AM (New School Hall)
Is the ANC in, or causing, a state of anxiety? Mark Gevisser asks Saleem Badat (The Forgotten People), Max du Preez, Rhoda Kadalie and Prince Mashele to assess the health of the ruling party post elections.

Literary Lawmen
10 AM – 11 AM (Old School Hall)
Richard Calland conducts a judicial enquiry into the extramural literary activities of fellow lawmen Andrew Brown, Edwin Cameron and Chris Nicholson (No Sacred Cows).

The Subtle Seductions of Advertising
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Church Hall)
John Maytham inveigles veteran admen John Hunt (The Art of the Idea) and Reg Lascaris (Lessons From the Boot of a Car) to talk about the tricks of their trade and some of its new directions.

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Julian Rademeyer’s Killing for Profit Tops Amazon UK’s Best Sellers Chart for Extinction

Killing for ProfitEarlier this month Julian Rademeyer celebrated his book Killing for Profit: Exposing the Illegal Rhino Horn Trade topping Amazon UK’s Best Sellers chart in the extinction category. Killing for Profit is the result of Rademeyer’s two year investigation into the criminal underworld and syndicates running the illegal wildlife trade.

Rademeyer spoke to Jenny Crwys-Williams on Talk Radio 702 about his book topping the best sellers list, saying that he was pleasantly surprised that the book is still attracting interest a year later and that he thinks it’s due to the growing awareness of the criminal links to wildlife crime.

The interview starts at around 30 minutes:

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Jacques Steenkamp Explains How He Knew AWB Claims of Involvement in Griekwastad Murders Were False

The Griekwastad MurdersIn October last year a denounced member of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) claimed to have been involved in the triple murder of the Steenkamp family on their farm in Griekwastad, a crime of which a minor was found guilty late last month. Grub Street’s Gill Moodie recently spoke to Jacques Steenkamp, author of The Griekwastad Murders: The Crime that Shook South Africa, about these allegations and why he, as an investigative journalist on the scene, didn’t believe her claims.

“The claims she made were outrageous. The investigating officer told me she didn’t know where the (Steenkamps’) farm was and didn’t know many of the details of what actually happened. She wasn’t even in the province (Northern Cape) at the time of the murders,” says Steenkamp. He also notes that the real story of Griekwastad is a very sad one: “of a family slain and torn apart and a boy whose life is broken – and how this has divided the town because so many people continue to believe he is innocent even after the guilty verdict.”

Steenkamp, who is now current affairs producer at SABC News/RSG FM and whose book on the Griekwastad case has just been published by Random, told Grubstreet: “I knew about Cornelia de Wet’s claims because I was spending so much time on the story and knew the investigating officer very well… The claims she made were outrageous. The investigating officer told me she didn’t know where the (Steenkamps’) farm was and didn’t know many of the details of what actually happened. She wasn’t even in the province (Northern Cape) at the time of the murders. I think she was in Mpumalanga.”

The AWB exists in very small, sparse pockets, says Steenkamp, but no one takes them seriously anymore. “I don’t think the AWB matter all that much anymore and, even so, they’ve denounced Cornelia de Wet – and said she’s not part of them.”

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Video: Max du Preez Discusses the State of South Africa’s Media at The Gathering

A Rumour of SpringThe Daily Maverick held its annual conference, The Gathering, yesterday in Johannesburg. eNCA has shared a video of Max du Preez’s talk, in which he spoke positively about the state of South Africa’s democracy ahead of the general elections.

Du Preez, author of A Rumour of Spring: South Africa after 20 years of Democracy, discusses the National Development Plan and analyses how well the media is doing at informing the public about political news. He mentions that print media could be doing a better job at adapting to the way in which news is spreading instantly on social media and through broadcast mediums.

Click to watch Du Preez’s talk:

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The Griekwastad Murders: The Crime that Shook South Africa by Jacques Steenkamp Now Available as eBook

The Griekwastad MurdersThe Griekwastad Murders: The Crime that Shook South Africa is Jacques Steenkamp’s riveting report of what happened on that fateful day and what went on beyond the courtroom walls.

Written by one of South Africa’s foremost crime reporters, who spent more than a year investigating and reporting on the case, this book contains eight pages of photographs and interviews with all the roleplayers – including the investigating officers on the case, the forensic and ballistic experts, and family and friends of the deceased.

The Griekwastad Murders: The Crime that Shook South Africa is now available as ebook, while the paperback – along with the Afrikaans edition Die Griekwastad-Moorde: Die misdaad wat Suid-Afrika geruk het – will be published later this month. You can pre-order the paperback on the Random House Struik website for a discounted price of R200.

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Image courtesy Random House Struik

Excerpt from Joost and Amor: Behind the Headlines by Gavin Prins

Joost and AmorTowards the end of last year Gavin Prins, deputy editor of Heat magazine, released his book Joost and Amor: Behind the Headlines about the relationship of Joost van der Westhuizen, the former Springbok rugby player, and singer Amor Vittone.

In this excerpt, shared by Women24, Prins describes the fall-out after a video was leaked that featured Van der Westhuizen receiving oral sex from another women and taking drugs. Prins describes Van der Westhuizen’s initial reaction to the newspaper reports on the video and his request to be allowed to watch the video himself.

Read the two part excerpt:

When I walked into the kykNET building on the Monday morning after the Joost story broke, Loui and Eagan were already sitting in the makeup room, eating sandwiches.

Both wanted to know everything about the sex video. Then Annemarie pitched up, followed by Caroline. Christo arrived later.

During that episode of Glitterati’s gossip segment, I had very little to say about the video, because I knew Joost’s supporters would crucify me.

Later, Liza sent me an SMS: ‘Have you seen Heat is already out today?’

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Video: Jacques Steenkamp gesels oor sy opkomende boek, Die Griekwastad-Moorde

Die Griekwastad-MoordeThe Griekwastad MurdersDie opspraakwekkende hofsaak waarin ‘n minderjarige skuldig bevind is op die moord van ‘n egpaar en hul dogter twee jaar gelede op ‘n plaas buite Griekwastad, is sedert die nuus gebreek het die onderwerp van baie gefluisterde gesprekke.

Jacques Steenkamp, die gesoute joernalis wat sedert die begin van hierdie tragiese saak die storie gedek het, se boek oor sy bevindinge, Die Griekwastad-Moorde: Die misdaad wat Suid-Afrika geruk het, verskyn eersdaags by Zebra Press. Hy het by kykNET se Dagbreek-ateljee ‘n draai gemaak om te gesels oor die saak, sy skryfproses en die groot vraag: Is dit nie vreeslik opportunisties om nou ‘n boek oor die Griekwastad-moorde te skryf nie?

Kyk na die onderhoud om te hoor waarom Steenkamp glo dat mense so meegevoer word met hierdie gruwelike gegewens. Hy gesels ook oor rusbankspeurders, plaasmoorde en hoe hy die skryf van hierdie boek gaan benader.

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Steve Hofmeyr Speaks About the Family Member That Inspired Laaste dans, Drienie

Laaste dans, Drienie Steve Hofmeyr was recently interviewed by Nadine Maritz about his book, Laaste dans, Drienie, which he says is ultimately fiction, but was “heavily inspired by my aunt Beckie Smit, daughter of Steve Hofmeyr snr, the Owerste of The Stormjaers.” He says that his aunt sadly passed away weeks before the book was released.

Hofmeyr discusses how his fiction writing has been preceded by writing lyrics and poetry and says that he writes very fast: “I can almost complete the novel in 8 weeks. I then lose interest and come back months later for the editing, additions, research and smoothing out of creases.”

Steve, it was with great surprise that I learned that – Laaste Dans, Drienie was not your first, but in fact the fifth novel you’ve had published since 2008. What made you decide to take the leap into writing?

After 200 (recorded) songs, essays, blogs, speeches and a poetry anthology in 1997 (Valkuns), it hardly feels like a leap. But it is a vastly different discipline. I like it, but always vow to never do it againJ.

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