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One Midlife Crisis and a Speedo: How Darrel Bristow-Bovey Dealt with the Fact that He is Growing Old

One Midlife Crisis and a SpeedoDarrel Bristow-Bovey’s latest book, One Midlife Crisis and a Speedo, will be available from Zebra Press next month:

If you don’t choose your midlife crisis, your crisis will choose you.

Darrel Bristow-Bovey has tried his best to deny to himself that he’s getting older, but you can’t hide from the truth in the changing-room mirror. One day, surrounded by sharks on a small boat in the Indian Ocean, he suddenly realises his midlife crisis is already under way. Running a gauntlet of bucket lists, prostate examinations and sexual misadventures, Darrel sets himself a task: to follow in the footsteps of Lord Byron and the Greek hero Hercules and swim across the Dardanelles in Turkey.

The only problem is that he’s old and tried and lazy and can’t swim very well. One Midlife Crisis and a Speedo is a warm, witty, eventually wise journey into the terrors and absurdities and grumpy compensations of middle age that will speak to every man and woman who has ever noticed that time is ticking by faster every day.

About the author

Darrel Bristow-Bovey is a screenwriter for television and film and works as a travel-writer and a weekly columnist for The Times. He was briefly a professional kick-boxer, in which capacity he was unsuccessfully investigated for match fixing, a story covered in his as-yet unpublished memoir, Ow! Stop doing that! He wrote the bestselling I Moved Your Cheese in 2001, The Naked Bachelor in 2002 and a collection of columns, But I Digress. His novel for young readers, Super-Zero, was awarded the Sir Percy Fitzpatrick Prize for fiction and he was a finalist for the Caine Prize for African Writing.

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Lazy Lions “Absolutely Smashed” in the Kruger Park: An Excerpt from When the Lions Came to Town

When the Lions Came to TownZebra Press has shared chapter of When the Lions Came to Town: The 1974 Rugby Tour to South Africa by Luke Alfred.

The book is a look at the British Lions 1974 tour in South Africa. It was an interesting event for South African rugby and it highlighted some of the country’s important political and social peculiarities.

The excerpted chapter is about the British team’s stay in the Kruger Park after the second test match, and their succeeding antics.

Read the excerpt:

On the morning after the second Test, the Lions climbed aboard a chartered Dakota and bumped from Wonderboom on the edge of Pretoria to Skukuza in the southern corner of the Kruger National Park. You can see them carrying plastic-wrapped trays of 24 Castle cans with them as they get off the plane and, although there was occasion to laze around the rest-camp pools (with shirts off, of course) and go on game drives, mostly they spent their time in a happy, beery stupor. ‘It wasn’t rest at all,’ said JJ Williams slightly hysterically many years later. ‘It was four days of getting absolutely smashed.’

Falling under sociable JPR Williams’s spell, Billy Steele, the Scottish wing, found the going demanding. When he was not reading James Hadley Chase novels, scoring a quick 50 not-out in a scratch cricket game against the press on the Wanderers B field or sprinting 50 yards to deck Moaner van Heerden with a roundhouse right of fabled ferocity, JPR was a legendary drinker. Having adopted Steele, the slightly surprising choice for the first two Tests, as a drinking buddy, he naturally expected him to keep up. While JPR, the definitive seventies man, had no difficulty in drinking all the time, Steele was not as battle-hardened. As one day segued alcoholically into the next, so Steele wilted. The pack looked on with a mixture of curiosity and trepidation as JPR drank him under the table again and again. Lions’ legend has it that Steele lost his place in the side for the third and fourth Tests because he never recovered from the many Castles of Kruger. ‘JPR was to blame,’ said JJ. ‘That’s bloody true, actually.’

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Podcast: Warren Ingram Explains How to Manage Your Emergency Fund

Become Your Own Financial Advisor Warren Ingram, author of Become Your Own Financial Advisor: The Real Secrets to Becoming Financially Independent, spoke to Bruce Whitfield on on Talk Radio 702‘s Money Show, discussing the role of financial advisors and the importance of emergency funds.

“Your emergency fund is another form of insurance, except now you are insuring yourself and you are not paying major insurance premiums to a credit card company or an insurer,” Ingram says. In the recording, he explains how best to go about managing your emergency fund.

Listen to the podcast:

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Win a Copy of Mitch: The Real Story, the Biography of Controversial Rugby Coach John Mitchell

Mitch: The Real StoryRandom House Struik is giving away a copy of Mitch: The Real Story by John Mitchell and Gavin Rich.

Mitchell has been a coach for many years in a number of different countries and for a number of different teams. He is an excellent coach who challenges the status quo, which has sometimes resulted in conflict and controversy.

To stand a chance of winning this hamper, visit the Random House Struik website, fill in your details and answer one simple question:

In what year did John Mitchell assist Clive Woodward to gain victory for England in a World Cup win?

A. 1999
B. 2003
C. 2007

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Jonathan Kaplan Rates the Rugby Championship Referees and South Africa’s Final Performance

Call It Like It IsJonathan Kaplan, co-author and subject of Call It Like It Is: The Jonathan Kaplan story, has shared a post on Rate the Ref.

In the post, he comments on the Rugby Championship. He discusses the match South Africa won against New Zealand, giving some detail about the refereeing decisions that may have impacted the final result.

He also lists what he regards as the top three refereeing performances of the Rugby Championship. He thinks that Nigel Owens did an excellent job of refereeing the South Africa versus Australia game. But, he says, even the best referees have off days.

Read the post:

The Boks finally beat the All Blacks after coming quite close over the past couple of years. From a parochial SA viewpoint it was a great win. Even, I suspect from a neutrals point of view, it was good to see a team challenge the best team, and beat them. There wasn’t much to choose between the teams, and the respect between the players and coaching staff is evident for all to see.

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Introducing a Photographic Celebration of The Life and Career of Steve Hofmeyr, Steve Hofmeyr 50

Steve Hofmeyr 50Zebra Press presents Steve Hofmeyr’s photographic memoir, Steve Hofmeyr 50:

This is a photographic celebration of the life and career of Afrikaans music’s superstar. Steve Hofmeyr is one of South Africa’s bestselling musicians and most popular actors, with a huge and dedicated fan base.

The book features photographs of Steve’s youth and his breakthrough years in the music business. It covers his career in TV, films and musicals, including Agter elke man, Egoli and 7de Laan. It follows his career as a musician, telling stories about each of his albums and showing him on stage, backstage and on the road. It also features Steve’s relationship with the media, his activism and charity work, and his highly acclaimed career as a writer. The book provides a wealth of photographs, captioned by Steve himself.

Published in the year he turns 50 and celebrating his 25 years in the music business, this book is a must-have for all Steve Hofmeyr fans.

About the author

Steve Hofmeyr is one of the most popular entertainers in South Africa. In addition to his career as a singer, songwriter and actor, he is also outspoken on political and cultural issues. As an actor he gained prominence for his roles in the TV series Agter elke man and various films and soaps, including Egoli. He has won numerous awards; among them Talkshow Host of the Year, platinum discs for CD sales exceeding two million (EMI), and a SAMA for being the top seller in all musical genres in South Africa. His autobiography, Mense van my asem, was a bestseller in 2008, and he is the author of four novels, Vier briewe vir Jan Ellis (2010), Die verste uur (2011), Kapabel (2012) and Laaste dans, Drienie (2014).

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Video: David Klatzow Answers the Question, “Do You Think Oscar Got Away with Murder?”

Justice DeniedDavid Klatzow, forensic expert and author of Justice Denied: The Role of Forensic Science in the Miscarriage of Justice, gave his opinion of the verdict in the Oscar Pistorius trial to Debora Patta in a video shared by 48 Hours.

In this interview, Klatzow says that he felt that the Oscar Pistorius murder trial was an open and shut case, but that he was unpleasantly surprised by the verdict the judge reached. Speaking about Judge Thokozile Masipa he said, “I can’t see how she can escape the conclusion that he intended to kill somebody behind that toilet door”.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

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Excerpt from The Rise of the Phoenix: South Africa’s Best Ever Footballer, Steve “Kalamazoo” Mokone

The Rise of the PhoenixIn The Rise of the Phoenix: The story of sport in the new South Africa, Peter Joyce tells the fascinating story of one of South Africa’s greatest ever soccer exports, Steve “Kalamazoo” Mokone.

“Kala” was born in Doornfontein and grew up in Sophiatown, and was a local star by the age of 16. At 17 he was snapped up by Coventary in England, despite the best efforts of the apartheid government. His skills took him to Holland, France, Italy, Australia and Canada.

In the United States, he studied medicine at the prestigious Rutgers University and became assistant professor of psychology. However, he was then arrested on charges of assaulting his wife and her divorce lawyer, and ended up serving nine years in jail in the US.

Namibiana Buchdepot has shared an excerpt from The Rise of the Phoenix in which Mokone’s story is told. Read the excerpt:

It would be wrong to discuss the recent soccer scene without remembering the pioneers, those who grew up and played in the darkness of the fifties and sixties. There were some truly talented players: two made a special impact, but overseas, not locally. All old-timers were asked to name South Africa’s best ever footballer, most would probably vote for Steve ‘Kalamazoo’ Mokone. Others in Europe agreed, among them the Italian sports writer Beppe Branco, who said at the time that ‘If Pele of Brazil is the Rolls-Royce of soccer players, Stanley Matthews of England the Mercedes-Benz and Alfredo Stefano of Argentina and Spain the Cadillac, then Kala [Kalamazoo] of South Africa, live and lean, is surely the Maserati.’

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Get Your Copy of Justice Denied by David Klatzow Signed at Mimosa Mall

Justice Denied: The Role of Forensic Science in the Miscarriage of JusticeJoin David Klatzow at Exclusive Books Mimosa in Bloemfontein and get your copy of Justice Denied: The Role of Forensic Science in the Miscarriage of Justice signed.

The event will take place on Thursday, 16 October, at 5:30 for 6 PM.

Don’t miss it!
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Join John Mitchell and Gavin Rich for the Launch of Mitch: The Real Story in Durban

Mitch: The Real StoryZebra Books and Books & Books would like to invite you to the launch of Mitch: The Real Story by John Mitchell and Gavin Rich.

Mitchell will be speaking about his lengthy career in rugby, with all its successes and failures.

The launch will be at Jonsson College Rovers on Wednesday, 15 October at 5:30 for 6 PM.

Don’t miss it!

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