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Dawie Roodt: Government is “Actively Destroying Capital”, Damaging South Africa’s Weak Economy

Tax, Lies and Red TapeDawie Roodt, co-author of Tax, Lies and Red Tape, spoke to The Citizen about South Africa’s current fiscal deficit.

In the article, Roodt explains that what government does with money makes a massive impact on the economy. At present, he says, there is not enough being spent on capital investments, and too much being blown on avoidable expenses. For this reason Roodt fears Government will cause a credit downgrade.

Read the article:

The biggest single player in the economy was the state, which gathered revenue mostly through various taxes, Roodt told journalists in Johannesburg.

“They [government] spend more than what they get in, and that difference is called the fiscal deficit, and we usually express that as a percentage of the economy,” he said.

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Podcast: Julian Rademeyer Chats About Winning the Marjan-Marsh Award for Killing for Profit

Killing for ProfitJulian Rademeyer chatted to Jenny Crwys-Williams on Talk Radio 702 about winning the Marjan-Marsh Award, bestowed by the Marjan Centre for the Study of Conflict and Conservation in the prestigious Department of War Studies at King’s College, London, for his book Killing for Profit: Exposing the Illegal Rhino Horn Trade.

The award comes with a cash prize – “about $1 000,” according to Rademeyer – but the author says the main thing is to create awareness.

“I do think there’s a lot more that needs to be known about the criminal syndicates that are involved,” Rademeyer says. “I think we were caught off guard when the poaching crisis started to take off in 2008, and the awareness of the these syndicates and the ingenious schemes and scams they come up with to get their hands on rhino horn wasn’t there, so what I tried to do with the book is look at how they operate and look at who the poaching kingpins were.”

Listen to the podcast:

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Steve Hofmeyr: “Vir die een groep is jy altyd omstrede” (Video)

Steve Hofmeyr 50Steve Hofmeyr het met Elmari Rautenbach gesels oor sy vyftigste verjaarsdag en sy nuutste boek, Steve Hofmeyr 50.

Die Sarie-joernalis het gevra hoe Hofmeyr daaroor voel om vyftig te word. “Ek aanvaar dit nogal, ek probeer nie my doodwerk om my hare te kleur, meer hare te kry of jonger te lyk as wat ek moet nie,” het hy gesê, en bygevoeg dat hy in alles wat hy doen matigheid voor oë probeer hou.

Oor sy reputasie as ’n omstrede figuur het Hofmeyr gesê: “Die regte probleem is jy kan nie almal gelukkig hou nie, dis miskien die probleem. So vir die een groep is jy altyd omstrede.”

Kyk na die onderhoud en fotosessie:

YouTube Preview Image


John Mitchell on Ending His Lions Contract: It Was Evident there was an Orchestrated Campaign Against Me

Mitch: The Real StoryIn Mitch: The Real Story, John Mitchell and Gavin Rich reveal the story behind one of the most controversial rugby coaches in international rugby.

One such controversial moment in Mitchell’s career was the “orchestrated campaign” that saw him being pressured into stepping down as coach of the Lions team. He writes his book:

“Perhaps I could have got to know some of the players better in order to optimise their strengths. But when the charges against me grew from seven to 28, an increase of 400%, it started to become evident that there was an orchestrated campaign being run against me, no matter what I might try to do, and the catalyst was the uncertainty about our Super Rugby status the following year.”

Read about the time leading up to this moment and his actions afterwards:

Former Lions coach John Mitchell says an orchestrated campaign was run against him during Super Rugby in 2012.

After coaching the Lions to the Currie Cup title in 2011 – their first since 1999 – things fell apart in Super Rugby. While they won their opening match against the Cheetahs at home, they then lost 11 in a row (including four overseas) before beating the Sharks at Ellis Park. Super Rugby then took a break for the June Tests, with the Lions – who were last in the South African conference – facing relegation from the tournament, although Saru had yet to confirm it and there remained a lot of uncertainty among the Lions players regarding their futures.

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Video: Julian Rademeyer Reacts to Dawie Groenewald’s US Indictment for Selling Illegal Rhino Hunts

Killing for ProfitJulian Rademeyer, author of Killing for Profit: Exposing the Illegal Rhino Horn Trade, wrote an article about Dawie and Janneman Groenewald.

The Groenewald brothers have a battery of South African charges, relating to illegal rhino hunting and fraudulent activity, against them. In addition to local charges, they have recently been charged by American authorities for similar offenses.

Read the article:

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced that Groenewald, 46, and his younger brother Janneman, 44, have been charged with “conspiracy to sell illegal rhinoceros hunts in South Africa in order to defraud American hunters, money laundering and secretly trafficking in rhino horns”.

Rademeyer also spoke to Joanne Joseph for eNCA about Dawie and Janneman Groenewald, the nature of the charges they face, and their charge history.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

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Dennis Cruywagen: Brothers in War and Peace is ’n storie oor versoening (Video)

Brothers in War and PeaceDennis Cruywagen het onlangs met Heindrich Wyngaard gesels oor Brothers in War and Peace tydens die boek se bekendstelling by Protea Boekwinkel in Stellenbosch.

Brothers in War and Peace handel oor die lewe van twee belangrike figure in Suid-Afrika se geskiedenis, die tweelingbroers Abraham and Constand Viljoen, en hul uiteenlopende paaie tydens die geveg teen apartheid.

Cruywagen het ’n bietjie vertel van sy grootwordjare eers in Distrik Ses en later in Caledon. “Ek praat die taal van die mense wat eerste Afrikaans gepraat het.” Cruywagen het gesê sy taal posisioneer waar hy vandaan kom: “Dis die taal wat ek in my ma se baarmoeder geleer het, en dis die taal waarin ons die struggle geloots het destyds in 1976 by UWK.”

Wyngaard het Cruywagen gevra oor sy navorsing en sy skryfproses. “Om die ding te skryf is om rerig te wys, sonder om ’n vinger te wys, dat daar’s foute wat wag om herhaal te word.” Hy het onder meer gesels oor die vredesonderhandelinge tydens die Anglo-Boereoorlog wat die meerderheid mense in Suid-Afrika uitgesluit het. Hierdie besluite het weer in 1990 by die regering kom spook.

Cruywagen het sy boek as volg beskryf: “Dis ’n storie oor ons geskiedenis, dis ’n storie oor broers wat bymekaar kom, maar dis ook ’n storie oor toenadering né? En versoening, nie net tussen broers nie, maar tussen verskillende gemeenskappe in Suid-Afrika.”

Luister na die klankopname van die gesprek:

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Darrel Bristow-Bovey Compares Watching Twin Peaks in the Early 90s with Today’s Hyper-accessibility

One Midlife Crisis and a SpeedoDarrel Bristow-Bovey, author of One Midlife Crisis and a Speedo, has written an article about the news that iconic 1990s TV show Twin Peaks is being made into a mini-series by HBO.

In the article, Bristow-Bovey reflects on the original series, which he watched during his university days. He says that he joined a gathering of fellow film nerds at UCT to watch the series week by week, procured on VHS from America. The Monday night viewings were something of a pilgrimage for devoted fans, and he compares this to how people engage with their favourite TV shows and films today.

Read the article:

I first watched Twin Peaks under the very best circumstances in which to discover a new love. It was 1991 and someone in the UCT Film Society had managed to acquire a steady weekly supply of VHS copies taped off American television. Every Monday night through that splendid cold winter a bunch of us met in David Sorfa and Anna McKenna’s flat and we drank Tassies and tequila until it was time to lurch up the hill through the rain to the arts block, with its rows of straight-backed wooden benches, as warm and welcoming as a Presbyterian church. There we’d sit swaying slightly, shoulder to shoulder in a dark lecture theatre half-filled with fellow film nerds, thrumming in drunken sympathy with the heart-squeezing opening notes of Angelo Badalamenti’s score. I’m not sure if anyone thought to call us a Lynch mob, but if not, it seems like a wasted opportunity.

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Justice Denied Author David Klatzow Comments on “Chequebook Justice” in the Oscar Pistorius Case

Justice DeniedDavid Klatzow, forensic expert and author of Justice Denied: The Role of Forensic Science in the Miscarriage of Justice, believes that “chequebook justice” reigns supreme in South Africa.

Speaking from 30 years’ experience in forensics, Klatzow says because extremely wealthy defendants like Oscar Pistorius, Shrien Dewani and Schabir Shaik can afford the best legal teams to fight their cases, they have a better chance of escaping jail time.

Klatzow also comments on “mental muscle deficiency”, arguing that the “brightest minds” defect to the private sector because the pay is better. “The clever people who remain in prosecution often do so for moral reasons,” Klatzow says.

Read the article:

Klatzow believes justice favours the rich.

“Of course, there is a better chance that you and I, the middle class, or poor people, will end up going to jail. We simply cannot afford such sophisticated representation as, for example, Oscar Pistorius.

“It’s the same with medical care. If you have money, you can afford better medical treatment.

“Certainly, Oscar’s legal team worked very hard on this case and they deserve kudos. But it’s an expensive exercise and not everyone can afford it,” he said.

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Podcast: Luke Alfred Chats to Darren Scott About the 1974 Lions Tour and his Book, When the Lions Came to Town

When the Lions Came to TownLuke Alfred, author of When the Lions Came to Town: The 1974 Rugby Tour to South Africa, spoke to Darren Scott and Simon Hill on Ballz Radio about his latest book.

In the podcast, Alfred says that the tour of 1974 made an “indelible impact” on him. He wanted to tell the story for a new generation. He says it was a real old-fashioned sports tour, and one of the last before the arrival of television in South Africa changed the way supporters experienced games.

To research the tour, he interviewed many people who were involved and spent hours trawling through newspaper archives in library basements.

Listen to the podcast:

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Laugh All Day With the New Idees Vol Vrees App by Kobus Galloway

The author of the Idees vol vrees series of Afrikaans comic books and creator of The Idees Vol Vrees Show, Kobus Galloway, has announced the release of the new Idees Vol Vrees mobile app:

The app is available from Apple, Google Play and the Amazon App stores and contains a range of comics, videos, competitions and much more!

The Idees Vol Vrees series is known for its dry humour and pithy one-liners.

Idees vol vreesIdees vol vrees: Volume 2Idees Vol Vrees 3Idees Vol Vrees 4


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