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Antjie Krog on the Death of Eugene Terre Blanche and its Aftermath

Begging to be BlackAntjie KrogThree weeks after AWB leader Eugene Terre Blanche was found murdered on his farm, Begging to be Black author Antjie Krog offers her thoughts on the trajectory of the tragedy, from the first equivocations and position-takings by the main political parties, to the strange confrontations that developed afterwards. That we must resort to English as a common language, Krog writes, is partly what divides us:


“Why am I so shocked about Terre Blanche’s death?” I asked my husband as we watched the events unfolding on television news. “Perhaps one regards him as the number one boer!” he suggested. “If he gets killed, where are we as number hundred-thousandth?”

Although notions of an ultimate boer are odious, it became an interesting exercise over the following weeks. Confronted with the dilapidated house and its meagre possessions, I had to face up to the fact that the number one boer was poor. When stories did the rounds that he possibly had a sexual relationship with one of his attackers, I had to accept that the number one boer was homosexual (or bisexual, or, God forbid, a child molester).

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Recent comments:

  • Ben - Editor
    Ben - Editor
    April 26th, 2010 @11:45 #

    I find much to agree with in what Krog writes, but I think she misses the mark when analysing Malema's outburst against the BBC journalist. Malema, it will be remembered, had just returned from Zimbabwe, where he had the opportunity to learn at the feet of the master of anti-Brit rhetoric. He saw a chance to try out a few new lines and took it.


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